保護層光阻劑 EOC 300 系列

EOC 300 series are alkaline developable negative photoresist, suitable for On-Cell TP process of insulator layer and overcoat.


EOC 300系列為鹼性水可溶負型光阻,適用於On-cell製程 中觸控面板層間絕緣層與保護層之製作

l   Excellent adhesion on ITO and TFT glass.

l   Excellent transmittance.

l   Good chemical resistance.

l   Excellent anti side-etching ability.

l   Well development and exposure margin.


l   ITO及素玻璃附著性佳

l   高穿透率

l   耐化性佳

l   優異耐蝕刻液側蝕表現

l   製程寬容度佳